The Thornbury Theatre is located at 859 High St, Thornbury, south of the intersection of High St and Plenty Rd.

These are a number of ways you can make your grand entrance to the Theatre.

The Thornbury Theatre is located just steps away from stop 41 High St/Collins St on route 86. Upon exiting the tram, simply cross the road and we will be directly in front of you.

If you are arriving by train, we suggest getting off at Thornbury station on the South Morang line. After exiting at Thornbury station, turn left onto Ethel St for approximately 30m and then take a right onto Blythe St until you reach High St. Turn right onto High St and walk for approximately 50m and the Thornbury Theatre will appear on your right.

If you are driving to the Thornbury Theatre, you can take full advantage of the ample parking available on High St which has no parking restrictions after 6pm. Other alternatives are Collins St and Mansfield St which are located just off High St and are adjacent to the Theatre.

Disabled Access
For those guests requiring disabled access, we have installed a disabled lift to the 1st Floor and a ramp for access to the Grand Ballroom. There is also a disabled toilet located on the ground floor. Wheelchair access is also available to the venue’s ground floor on request.